VkAudioDownloader is a searching tool that can find mp3 songs
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VkAudioDownloader is a music searcher and downloader. It connects to the VK social network to find the songs. You can use this application so listen to music online or to download songs for offline playback. Songs that you download using this app are downloaded in the MP3 format.

The user interface is very simple. It shows a search field where you can type in keywords to search for songs. When you get your search results, you can either listen to the song without downloading it by clicking on the "play" button or click on the down arrow and download the song to your disk. A nice feature is that you can add songs to the playlist and they will play one after the other. Most of the songs that I listened to played quite smoothly with no buffering or skipping whatsoever. I had some problems downloading songs, though. Whenever I tried to download a song, I got an error message in Russian and a bubble at the system tray area saying that the location was invalid, so I figured the application set a download location on disk "D:" which I don't have. I entered the settings to change this. But the settings menu was unresponsive and the Downloads screen was empty.

All in all, at the time of writing this review, the download feature wasn't working, but I could listen to every song that I tried.

José Fernández
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  • Lyric support
  • Listening to songs is a smooth experience


  • Parts remain untranslated
  • Errors
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